Things you should consider when you leasing a house

Research about rent rising

Did you hear about leasing scandal recently? Well, you should read couple of articles about that. Before even thinking about leasing house you should ask freeholder is rent going to be fixed or rising. Before you decide to pay leasing ground rent you should be aware that it doesn’t mean that if you pay 50 pounds annually now that you will pay same amount for 10 years. So ask landlord or freeholder about this.

Read contract carefully

Before you sign contract be sure that you have read it at least once. Don’t be foolish and trust freeholder just like that. If you don’t understand something ask a lawyer or someone else who does. Don’t be afraid to take your time, remember that you have to pay leasing ground rent until end of contract, so be sure that you understand everything and that you are willing to agree terms.

Talk about conditions early

Don’t put yourself in position to see part of contract that talks about that pets are forbidden. Talk about these things as soon as you can. Talk also about rent rate, about method of paying, about other things as well.

Check the location

Before deciding to move in that house, first you should check the location where house is at. Look for hospitals, cinemas, police stations and other institution you may need. You don’t to live in place where you can’t have appropriate comfort.

Check inventory

You should check and write down all things you can find in house. Why is that important? Well, at first you need to know if all devices work correctly, second you will maybe need this list because of potential arguments.